2018 Fall Retreat

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girls' weekend guide to.png

2018 Fall Retreat


Every year, we join American Chi Alpha for a weekend away from the city with a focus on connecting with God and others. We're going to Watermarks Camp in Scottsville, VA this year. 

This year’s speaker is Mike Godzwa. He currently serves as the City Director of Richmond Chi Alpha and formerly, served as the Director of Chi Alpha at American University.

We’ll have:

  • Group Meals

  • Worship

  • Teachings

  • Outdoor Activities

  • Lake Baptisms

Transportation » We're leaving as a group at 5pm from Georgetown on Friday and we'll be returning by 4pm on Sunday. 


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  • Registration is non-refundable and non-transferable.

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  • This page is just for GU students. If you are an AU student, we love you, and look forward to seeing you (and you can register over here).

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