What are Lifegroups?

Lifegroups are student-led small group Bible studies that meet once a week in the dorms. They are a fantastic opportunity to build close relationships, ask questions, and go deeper in your faith together with other Christians.

Fall 2017

Women's Lifegroups

Spoken For
Mondays at 8pm in Copley 4 Common Room
Elizabeth (emm265) & Beatrice (bnh11)
Learning what it means to be God's daughters and godly women on campus.

Tuesdays at 7pm in Harbin 9 Common Room

Taryn (tlw64) & Marisa (mjp291)
Join us as we learn what it means to be the 'Beloved of God' through study of the life of Christ in the Gospel of Luke.

Present over Perfect
Tuesdays at 8pm in FJR 3 Common Room
Michelle (msl108) & Erin (emw89)
Join us as we seek presence + peace within the busy culture around us.

King's Cross
Tuesdays at 8pm in Arrupe 8 Common Room

Grace (gkv5) & Lavinia (leh87)
Explore the life and death of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark, through the lens of Tim Keller, to see what makes Jesus our King.

Identity Christis
Tuesday at 8:30 pm in VCW 4 Common Room
Olivia (ob97), Caitlin (ceg82) & Rachel (rae52)
Explore what it means to follow Christ in the midst of life's challenges.

More Than a Name
Thursdays at 7pm in VCW 7 Common Room
Caroline (cdd56) & Bianca (bmc86)
We call Jesus our best friend and Lord, but who is He really? Who does He say we are? Join us as we walk with our Rabbi through the book of John.

Ruth Group
Thursdays at 8:30pm in Kennedy 4

Autumn (asf78) & Jordan (js4517)
Using the book of Ruth to study how we can survive our "ruth"less world.

Men's Lifegroups

Mission Apostle-able
Mondays at 8pm in Arrupe 3 Common Room
Barrett (brg39) & Adam (akg58)
Join us in reading and living out the letters of the New Testament Apostles.

Fishers of Bros
Tuesdays at 7pm in Harbin 2 Common Room
David (dbv7) & Will (wgt3)
Navigating life at Georgetown by seeking God and building Brotherhood on campus.

Tuesdays at 8 PM in Kennedy  5 Common Room

David (day10) & Isaac (ile3)
RISE Series: The Final Chapter - men discovering how the Gospel of Jesus Christ allows ordinary men to Rise up and do extraordinary things

Thursdays at 7pm in  VCW 6Y Common Room 
Jonathan (jeg263) & Brandon (btp18)
Join us to study the Gospel of John and learn about the life of Jesus.

Transformers: Eyes on the Kingdom
Thursdays at 8pm in VCE 7 Common Room
Jowan (jjw76) & William (wrm31)
Join us in studying how to stand firm as a man of faith in a broken world

Co-ed Lifegroup

XA-I Fridays!
Fridays at 6:30pm in ICC 4th Floor Lobby

James (jk632) & Haydee (had28) 
Whether you're new to faith or still thinking, come explore the foundations of Christianity over dinner and games.