What are Lifegroups?

Lifegroups are student-led small group Bible studies that meet once a week in the dorms. They are a fantastic opportunity to build close relationships, ask questions, and go deeper in your faith together with other Christians.

fall 2018

Women's Lifegroups

Spoken For
Mondays at 7pm Vil A G202
Elizabeth (emm265) & Beatrice (bnh11)
We will look at James to learn how to live a self-emptying life of reverence for God & His people. Come hungry for dinner! (If you're new, email us and we will meet you to walk to our apartment (it can be tricky to find!)

Stories that Shape Us
Mondays at 8pm in Arrupe 8 Common Room

Grace (gkv5) & Olivia (ogh6)
Join us as we discuss the importance and impact of stories, both those found in the gospel and those that are unfolding in each of our lives.

Mondays at 8pm in Kennedy 4 Common Room
Autumn (asf78) & Jordan (js4517)
Helping you keep the spirit of God fresh in your heart.

Tuesdays at 7pm in Harbin 5 Common Room

Kathryn (keb283) & Marisa (mjp291)
Join us as we learn to reclaim the meaning of beauty in the light of God's glory and grace.

Thursdays at 8pm in VCW 5Y Common Room
Eliza (eop9) & Courtney (cbs99)
Join us as we explore how to use The Word to help us navigate issues that women primarily face and learn how to emulate Jesus’ kindness through social justice.

Life Savors
Thursdays at 8pm in Isaac/Ryan Hall (FJR) Main Level Common Area

Olivia (ob97) & Bianca (bmc86)
Savoring God's blessings in life one day at a time.

Men's Lifegroups

Fisher of Bros
Mondays at 7pm in 3628 N Street NW
David (dbv7) & Will (wgt3)
Navigating life at Georgetown by seeking God and building a brotherhood of faith.

Tuesdays at 7pm in VCW 6Y Common Room 
Jonathan (jeg263) & Paul (pjk92)
Join us in reading through Paul's letters and discussing how they apply to us today.

Tuesdays at 8 PM in Arrupe 7 Common Room

Adam (amw307) & Kye (yk466)
A group of guys committed to supporting each other and personalizing our relationship with Christ.

Tuesdays at 8 PM in Kennedy 6 Common Room

Glen (gkw8)
Journey with us as we RISE in pursuit of the most high.

Transformers: Eyes Forward
Thursdays at 8pm in VCE 7 Common Room
Jowan (jjw76) & William (wrm31)
Join us as we examine Paul’s writings to help answer the question of how to best prepare now for a lifetime of faith and service.