Day 4 » Sacrifice

Today's blog post was written by Karen Keyser. Karen is the campus director for XAi. 

Today's blog post was written by Karen Keyser. Karen is the campus director for XAi. 

Today's Reading » Genesis 22, 25, 27-28

This part of God’s story reveals some of the greatest moments of outstanding faith—and also very low moments of human failure. Let’s focus on Abraham’s test.

So after God provided Abraham with a promised son when he was super old (like 99!), then God asked him to SACRIFICE that son, Isaac.  This was the the son who was supposed to have tons of descendants.  It made no sense.  The part that shocks me is that Abraham got up “early the next morning” to go and sacrifice him.  Wait, what? You might get up early for Christmas presents, but would you really get up early to kill your son that you had been longing for for decades?  That’s not normal. 

It’s that kind of unusual obedient trust that really pleases God.  In fact, Abraham gets mentioned in the Bible for his faith multiple times.  Abraham and his son Isaac were hiking up the hill when his son figured out they were missing a lamb for the sacrifice. I am blown away by Abraham’s answer.  “God will provide.”  That’s it.  And you know what? God did. 

What if we got up early tomorrow and obeyed what God said, disregarding the personal cost, with the settled, confident belief that God would provide?  What if you obediently paid someone’s way to a retreat with the belief that God would provide your own retreat money?  What if you were prompted to stop to pray with a fellow-student when you needed to work on your presentation?  Or what if for some reason he asked you to break up with your boyfriend? Could you trust that God WILL provide?

Years ago, God asked me to give up my stable school counselor paycheck to be a Chi Alpha intern where I raised my own budget through donations of family and friends.  During that year I borrowed my parents’ car while they were serving as missionaries in Africa.  Problem:  They were coming back from Africa mid-year, and I would need to give them their car back. One day, out-of-the-blue, my cousin’s new husband called me.  I barely knew him and he’d never called me before (or since).  He asked me, “Karen, do you need a car?”  He was going into the military and wanted to know if he could GIVE me his car.  Wow.  He gave it to me on the very day I needed to give my parents’ car back.  Without knowing it, he was part of a miracle of God’s provision—which increased my faith for even more!   God will provide.

Abraham passed the test of obedient faith.  If God prompts you to do something difficult today, will you obey?  God WILL provide!