Day 10 » Idols

This post is written by Jon Rice. He is the campus director of Georgetown Chi Alpha. 

This post is written by Jon Rice. He is the campus director of Georgetown Chi Alpha. 

Today's Reading » Exodus 32-34

The birth of my daughter was the most magical moment of my life without question. I understood the love of God in a new way.  One morning, however, when she was two she threw her full cereal bowl on the floor when I was already running late I wasn’t thinking about that moment. It’s amazing how magical moments can turn into memories that get lost in hectic pace of day to day life.

After 400 years of slavery, God set the Israelites free from oppression, but a short time later they forget about their miracle working God and substitute him with an oversized decoration. I don’t know about you, but I’ve personally never had a statue of a golden calf in my house, it would clash.

Martin Luther gave a great definition of idols as anything in which “you put your trust”. I could do a Mad Lib with all of the different things other than God that I have put my trust in. My Apple products, my bank account, family, friends, future, coffee and many more. These have all accepted my worship time and time again, but all extend from and none compare to the idol I worship with regular religious fervor….myself.

To this “god” I’ve given offerings, devoted time, and defended with an apologists’ passion.  All of this to avoid the painful but liberating acknowledgment that I am in fact, not God. I want to trust my plan for life over God’s, I want to trust my instincts over Gods laws, and even  when I was frustrated with my daughter I wasn’t thinking about her well being but mine. I didn’t want to tarnish my image by being late. It’s easy to forget that God can be trusted with everything.  If I only put my trust in Him, I would find freedom from the oppression of my own “god” named Jon.

Dear Lord, help me to surrender the idol of me and worship you with all I am. Amen.