Time Management

This is a featured post by Dezmond Richardson.  Dez is a junior in the college. In addition to leading lifegroup, he is a member of the Hoya Football team. He tweets at  @dryungnblessed  .

This is a featured post by Dezmond Richardson. Dez is a junior in the college. In addition to leading lifegroup, he is a member of the Hoya Football team. He tweets at @dryungnblessed .

Summer 2014 was a very busy and enlightening summer.  It was busy because I decided to not take a break from school.  Immediately following the conclusion of my spring academic semester, I enrolled into summer courses for the entire summer while working two jobs, beginning a business, working an internship, and observing professionals in various health fields.  Even with all these things going on I still managed to take a few online developmental courses for graphic design/advertising and attend a spiritual leadership class.  (Shout out to Chi Alpha Leadership classes!)  If I were to include the spiritual meetings with mentors and friends, football workouts, and church events then the list would go on and on.  I am here to say all those things in the recent summer were possible due to one reason.  I allowed the Lord to order my steps through time management.  

I had the delight to revisit some experiences with great go to chapters and verses throughout the bible.  One chapter that enticed me prior to summer was Proverbs 16.  More specifically, I felt one verse tailored specifically to me. It reads, “The heart of man plans his ways, but the Lord establishes his footsteps.”  This verse was my summer.  

Countless times in recent years I developed habits of not planning, not intentionally but because I didn’t know how to plan.  It wasn’t until over a year ago where I actually utilized my first calendar for more than just viewing holiday dates.  Even then I was not able to master my time management skills.   I remember searching for this verse after hearing a song I once sung in youth choir.  Confused, I asked myself how could I plan and allow God to order my steps at the same time?  

After talking to a mentor, he showed me what planning and allowing the Lord to order my steps looked like in 3 steps: praying for recent, current, and future plans; trusting; and keeping an open mind.  Applied to my daily routines, however, these three steps were easier said than done.  When it came to plans for the future I became frustrated because I could not see the immediate results or opportunities on the horizon.  After taking a step back with an open mind the blessings became quite clear.  I realized I had experienced blessings on a large scale through job availability and opportunities, and through the small things, like simple conversations and advice.   I even experienced a fair share of blessing through disappointments and unsuccessful plans.  My steps were submerged in blessings.  The most enlightening and rewarding moments came each night as I marveled at the results.  Now I sit and wish I‘d thought about this during my freshman semester.