Day 27 » The End Nears

Today's blog was written by James Kim. 

Today's blog was written by James Kim. 

The end is the beginning of something new. If you feel like you haven’t lived enough of life to know this from experience, you can look to history and read about lives of others to see that this statement is true. Graduation means a new academic or vocational career. Ending a relationship means a new one can start. In baptism, we declare that we die to our old selves and begin a new life in Christ. So it is with Life. When we finally breathe our last and our hearts stop beating, the end of our lives on earth begins something beyond it.

Christ and his followers spoke of an eternal life. The life we live – going to school, developing a career, finding a spouse to grow a family, giving back to people we love, making an impact in the world – in proportion to the eternity we have is like a grain of sand on the beach. Yet, what we do and believe in such a short period of time will determine whether we live in God’s light or in eternal darkness separated from the glory of God.

Then, I think the biggest bet you can make in your life is to not live for Christ. Attending a church or a mission trip for the first time seems like a big risk. But, once you start believing in an eternal God, it is not hard to realize that not getting involved in a church or not living a mission-oriented life is more risky.

God made it possible for us to understand in our lifetime enough about the eternity and make a decision about it. He also invited us to be honored guests of His kingdom.

So what can we do about it? Are we able to live today as we would in God’s kingdom? We can start by reading about God and marveling in His majesty. Share a meal with those you love. Run from sin. If it is the Sabbath, go to church, find rest, and reflect on God. The fullness of God’s kingdom won’t take place until Christ’s return. But, there is no need to wait until death to enjoy it.

Emulating God’s kingdom is like living as if we are in God’s home. When there is a need or something we can’t figure out easily, we should pray! Ask God! Why not? When we feel peace and joy from God’s presence, we can sing a song to Him. The angels sang “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty.” Too boring for you? You can sing to Him your own song. Lastly, we can ask, “God, what is something I can do for Your kingdom?”