Day 16 » Jesus

Today's post is written by James Kim. 

Today's post is written by James Kim. 

The thread continues with the ministry of Jesus.

Jesus is the foretold King of Israel and the ultimate sacrifice of atonement. As soon as Adam and Eve are separated from God due to sin in Genesis, God establishes a plan of redemption through a seed of the woman. The story of Abraham and Isaac, the Passover, and Israel’s rescue from Egypt all foreshadow the sacrifice God would make for the redemption of humans. We read from Isaiah 7 and 53 what kind of birth, life, and death Jesus would have.

Jesus stood out from all others already from his childhood. Yet, he spends his early career as a carpenter until he is thirty years old. In that time, he was training, waiting patiently, and enduring temptations and struggles that all human face.

We can observe from the first few chapters of Mark that Jesus was in an “action-mode”. It is ridiculous how many times the word “immediately” is used. Jesus heals, calls, rebukes, teaches, goes, and loves with a strong sense of urgency. Although he is never in a rush or hasty, he also acts knowing that there is a lot to be done. He is a very productive man. When he sees the sick, he has compassion on them and approaches them without hesitation so that they may be healed. When he sees his to-be disciples, he doesn’t beat around the bush and tells them to follow him. He can see what the Pharisees are thinking and rebukes them for their legalism. He gets up early in the morning to pray.

How is Jesus so confident? Jesus is not confident in his own talents or ability to make the right calls, but he is confident about God. Jesus acts with authority because God has authority and God is on his side. Paul reflects later, “If God is for us, who can ever be against us?” (Romans 8:31)

What’s true about God is that He is excited about our redemption. He is always ready and will not hesitate. He is our loving father.